Welcome to the Traditional Shotokan Karate-do Federation (TSKFA) website. The TSKFA is a Shotokan based and not for profit karate organization that is following the original teachings of the founder Gichin Funakoshi and the late Master Nakayama.

The TSKFA truly believes that the #1 principle 'Never forget that karate begins and ends with respect" should be followed at all times. We also promote strong moral principles, traditional ettiquette and the encouragement of goodwill and harmony among all kareteka.

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Team Australia World Cup 2016

This is TEAM AUSTRALIA who will contest the ISKF World Shoto Cup to be held in Cape Town, South Africa next weekend. Today many of our team depart their homes from all over Australia to meet in Sydney early tomorrow to finish the incredible journey they have been on since the team was announced 18 months ago. ISKF/TSKF Australia are incredibly proud of these awesome young people who have trained their hearts out in preparation for this event. Special thanks to our Chief Instructor Takahashi Shihan and Team Coach Ian Watson Sensei, Team Manager John Russo Sensei and the Instructors from each member's individual dojos for all your work in preparing our team. Thank you to the families of each and every member who have sacrificed family time, energy and funds to get these guys this far! We know our team will do Australia proud and represent us with honour and distinction and in the true spirit of Karate-do! You guys are AMESOME!!! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI! OI! OI

Upcoming Events

Northern Rivers Competition, Italo Club, Lismore 2016
Saturday 5th - Saturday
Contact: Ian Harris sensei for more info.
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Combined Brisbane Clubs Competition
Saturday 26th November 2016
Sherwood State School, Sherwood
Contact: Steve Andrews sensei for more info
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Combined Training Seminar Sherwood - First for 2017, All invited
Saturday 14th January 2017
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National Championships 2017, Runaway Bay Indoor Sports Stadium, Runaway Bay, Gold Coast
Info packs to be distributed September 2016

ISKF World Cup - Cape Town Africa
Friday 19th - Sunday 21st August 2016

***TSKF Central Gold Coast dojo training time at Benowa Primary School has been changed***
Beginners 4:30-5:30pm
Advanced 6:00-7:30pm
Beginners 4:30-5:30pm
Advanced 6:00-7:30pm (Benowa High)
Saturday All Level 3:00-5:00pm

Please note that Benowa High is only Wednesday

Latest News

Takahashi Shihan - 9th Dan

TSKF Australia has great pleasure in announcing that our Chief Instructor, Takahashi Shihan, OAM, has been promoted to the rank of 9th Dan by Okazaki Shihan, Chief Instructor, International Shotokan Karate-do Federation (ISKF). On behalf of all members of TSKF Australia, we recognize this great achievement and congratulate Shihan on a truly well-deserved honour, in recognition of the many years of continuous dedication to teaching and practicing our style of traditional karate.

Other Shotokan groups

TSKFA invites other like-minded Shotokan groups to join with our members to participate in any of our events and also participate in training seminars conducted by Takahashi Shihan.

Interested groups should contact the Office of TSKFA, or the TSKFA Dojo Head in your region to obtain dates, venues and training times when Shihan will be visiting.