Congratulations to TEAM AUSTRALIA who successfully contested the ISKF World Shoto Cup held in Cape Town, South Africa in August. ISKF/TSKF Australia are incredibly proud of these awesome young people who have trained their hearts out in preparation for this event. Team Australia was fortunate to top the medal tally board of the 20 countries who participated. We wish to formally thank San Pillay Sensei and Karien Jacobz and ISKF South Africa and their organizing committee for hosting this amazing event. We wish to also extend our thanks to our Chief Instructor Takahashi Shihan and Team Coach Ian Watson Sensei, Team Manager John Russo Sensei and the Instructors from each member's individual dojos for their work in preparing our team. Thank you to the families of each and every member who have sacrificed family time, energy and funds to help these guys achieve their World Cup dreams. The team has covered itself in glory and done Australia proud by representing us with honour and distinction and in the true spirit of Karate-do! You guys are AMESOME!!! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI! OI! OI